Dear Friends of Holistique:

Your safety, health, and continued medical care and attention are of great importance to us here at Holistique. Therefore, as part of our continued effort in protecting you and our staff, slow the spread of COVID-19 in our community, and comply with the latest CDC and WA State guidelines, we have updated our procedures and protocols. Please review this letter as a reminder of our procedural COVID-19 guidelines.

First of all, Holistique offers virtual and in-office appointments, encouraging each of you to use the online Telehealth visits as a priority and in-house appointments and procedures when necessary.

Many of you know by now that through online telehealth, using secured video conversation, our doctors have the capacity to evaluate and diagnose conditions, order laboratory and diagnostic imaging, send prescriptions to your pharmacy, perform energy testing or ART (Autonomic Response Testing), do nutrition and emotional counseling, prescribe hormones and supplements, and provide you with sound medical guidance through combining the science of Western medicine with the wisdom of Eastern medicine. We encourage you to use this service for your protection, easy accessibility, and convenience as much as possible.

While our physicians continue to see patients mainly online, we will still provide in-office visits by appointment for those who have a need to be seen in office or who have in-office procedures, such as IV and laser therapies, hormone pellet implant procedures, acupuncture, massage, nano therapy, oxygen therapies, hyperbaric therapy, spinal manipulation, ionic foot-baths, and in-house testing. Please note that all in-office visits/procedures are by appointment only.

Please contact your insurance to verify your telehealth coverage for your specific physician. You may continue to submit a superbill for the telehealth visits and office visits with the non-covered providers to your insurance company for possible out-of-network reimbursement. Holistique continues to bill for telehealth visits with covered providers.

In order to reduce crowding in our waiting rooms, we ask patients who are to be seen in-office to remain outside (e.g. stay in your vehicle), if feasible, until you are called into the clinic for your appointment. Additionally, we kindly ask that if you are to be seen in-person not to bring any family or friends with you unless they are your caretaker.

As continued, masks and/or face coverings and social distancing will remain mandatory, as well as temperature checks upon entering the clinic. For your safety, the clinic rooms and chairs continue to be sanitized after every patient visit. We keep the air as clean as possible through regular use of organic essential oils and/or non-toxic HOCL (Briotech) disinfectant product. We continue to use mainly disposable non-toxic medical supplies to reduce your risks.

We want you to know we continue to take necessary steps to ensure minimal disruptions in providing the essential primary and chronic medical care for you, optimizing your health while reducing risks of exposure for everyone. Through these uncertain times, we are frequently re-evaluating and tweaking our procedures to make sure your healthcare is as seamless as possible.

We are grateful to each of you for your understanding and cooperation during these uncertain times.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns by contacting us through either your patient portal, by phone at 425-451-0404, or by email at: frontdesk@holistiquehealth.com. We appreciate the opportunity to continue serving you.

Please continue to stay safe, positive, courageous, and full of love.

Wishing each of you a Happy Thanksgiving.


To Your Utmost Wellbeing,


Dr. D.


Nooshin K. Darvish, ND, ABAAHP
Chief Medical Officer