Dr. Marian

Maria E. Marian, ND, MSE

Naturopathic Physician
Women's Health
IV Therapy
Autoimmune Conditions
Complex Chronic Disease
Lyme Disease
Mold Illness

Dr. Marian is passionate about identifying and treating the root cause of complex chronic illnesses. She believes everyone deserves to live each day as the most vibrant and authentic version of themselves, and only by addressing the root cause of illness can true symptom relief be obtained. Dr. Marian received her Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine from Bastyr University in 2017. In addition to the core naturopathic curriculum, she completed advanced training in pediatrics, gynecology, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, detoxification, genomic medicine, IV therapy, and neural therapy. Dr. Marian also completed a rigorous 2-year residency in family medicine at Holistique Medical Center in Bellevue, Washington. Prior to her doctoral studies at Bastyr University, Dr. Marian filmed and competed in freestyle skiing for seven years before succumbing to her deep passion for science. Upon returning to academia, she received a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering as well as a Master of Science in Engineering from the University of Washington. She was inspired by graduate coursework in advanced immunology and biomedical engineering, which ultimately led her to pursue a career in medical research and finally clinical medicine. Dr. Marian also has five years of experience in biomedical and engineering research. She enjoys attending conferences and seminars regularly to stay absolutely current in her areas of specialty. As a research technician at Benaroya Research Institute at Virginia Mason, a non-profit international leader in immune system and autoimmune disease research, Dr. Marian contributed to important research in characterizing the underlying pathology of a rare condition of accelerated aging in children. Dr. Marian’s passion for understanding the human body fuels her clinical work, and in turn, her clinical work inspires her dedication to lifelong learning. In her free time, Dr. Marian enjoys backcountry skiing, surfing, painting, yoga, running, and going for walks in the woods.