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Natural Aesthetic

Enhancing Your Genuine Beauty, Naturally!

Using powerful & effective natural, non-invasive, & non-surgical aesthetic procedures

Optimizing skin appearance, health, and beauty with nutrition, PRP, stem cells, exosomes, peptides and oxygen

Identifying & addressing root causes of skin, body composition, and beauty concerns naturally

Activating regenerative processes of the skin and body to promote beauty and health

Enhancing beauty from inside to out



What is Natural Aesthetic?

Natural Aesthetics involves the use of powerful natural, non-invasive, and non-surgical aesthetic procedures to enhance physical beauty. Our procedures encourage the body's innate regenerative processes to magnify natural beauty from the inside and out.

Natural aesthetic medicine involves the treatment, improvement, and enhancement of the appearance of skin and physical structures of the face and body. The skin and physical beauty are the reflection of health and wellness internally and contribute significantly to emotional wellness.

The first step in any natural aesthetic treatment is healing and optimizing the inner body through a personalized holistic treatment plan, addressing root causes, correcting imbalances, and stimulating cellular regeneration.

The second step in beautifying is to enhance the external body through specialized aesthetic skin care methods and treatments adopted from across the world including Europe, South America, and Asia.

What Techniques Do We Use in Natural Aesthetics?

We use specialized regenerative injection techniques including mesotherapy, ozone injections, PRP (platelet-rich plasma) facelift/facial, v-shots with or without low level laser, non-surgical breast lift, regenerative stem cell therapies, peptide therapies and exosomes along with laser light therapy, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, and lymphatic drainage.

Our Medical Director, Dr. Darvish, was one of the first in the Pacific Northwest to be trained on these non-surgical regenerative procedures in early 2000. Recently, she was awarded Top Medical Director in Regenerative Medicine.

See below for more specifics on our Natural Aesthetic Services to help you feel, look and be your best.

Natural Aesthetic