Meet Our Holistique Founders!

Meet Our Holistique Founders, Dr. Nooshin K. Darvish, Chief Medical Officer and John Darvish, Chief Financial Officer!


Over the past 18 years, Holistique has grown from a single-person private practice, treating only local patients to what is now an incorporated entity with 12 physicians, multiple therapists and a full-service operations team healing local, national and international patients!

For over 25 years, our vision has been to integrate a diverse group of excellent physicians and providers, who combine the best of the science of Western Medicine with the wisdom of Eastern Medicine to transform lives from within. This vision has now become a reality, right here in the Pacific Northwest.

With a mission to provide patient-centered medicine and healing while prioritizing principles based on excellence, integrity, service, transparency, love, compassion, and unity, Holistique constitutes a real healing center with leading- edge, evidence-based diagnostics and therapeutics to support the body’s innate healing processes to regenerate, to re-establish cellular homeostasis and to overcome physical, mental, and emotional conditions and pain.

Our goal is to transform lives from within through integrating the best of the medical systems from all over the world to address the body, mind and soul as one entity, capable of healing, transforming and elevating to levels beyond the material.

Gratitude is our special word this season as we honor each of you, the earth and the sky, the souls and the Supreme Power for all the blessings continually showering upon the Holistique community as we aim to help advance the wellbeing and unity of our patients and community.

Stay tuned for exciting updates coming soon!