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Weight Management

Personalized Body Composition Optimization for Longevity.

Healthy body composition is key to longevity

High muscle to fat mass ratio is critical to health risk reduction

Root causes of weight concerns are evaluated and addressed

Detoxification is vital for weight loss

Our Peptide B-vitamin Combo, Semiglutide combined with specific B-vitamins to activate fat burning and detox activity, is available by prescription only through one of our physicians

Executing a personalized nutrition and lifestyle plan is critical for maintaining healthy body composition

Oxygen, Ozone & Lymphatic drainage therapies may be used as supportive therapies

Nurse Health Coach available to help guide you step by step

What is Holistique's Weight Management Program?

Body composition is key to longevity. Higher muscle mass to body fat ratio has been shown to improve function, overall energy, decrease inflammation, reduce risks for chronic diseases and cancers, and optimize a general sense of wellbeing.

Our weight management program is customized to you. Hormone balancing, nutrition, exercise & movement, peptides, acupuncture, lymphatic drainage, and oxygen therapies that support your unique metabolism and genetics are customized for you after a comprehensive evaluation.

When fat is burned, toxins such as chemicals, pesticides, metals, etc that were stored in fat mobilize.The drainage organs, such as kidneys, lungs, intestines, lymph, liver, must be supported during any weight loss program to ensure health maintenance while reducing risks of regaining weight later.

Our physicians create a successful therapeutic plan integrating a multidisciplinary approach to optimizing personal body composition goals, to improving muscle mass, to reducing body fat, to supporting detoxification and drainage, and to improving skin integrity. Underlying imbalances, and root causes of weight concerns are evaluated and treated in a layer-by-layer approach to ensure optimum success with the personalized program.

Peptides, such as Semiglutide, a blood sugar regulating peptide, may be prescribed in a personalized dosage and in combination with B-vitamins, to optimize metabolism further. Ozone and other oxygen therapies may also be prescribed to further enhance cellular utilization of fat as energy.

Our certified nurse coach provides individual guidance to help you achieve your personalized treatment prescription plan and goals.

Learn more below about weight management techniques our providers may prescribe.

Weight Management