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Adjunctive Cancer Therapies

Treating the WHOLE YOU with Exceptional Personalized Cancer-Supportive Care.

When oncologists are busy treating only cancer, we take pride in treating the WHOLE YOU to fight cancer.

Each cancer is complex and individualized. The body needs a complex supportive therapy, personalized for each cancer type and each patient so to fight cancer cells.

We investigate and address root causes of cancer.

We create a personalized plan to optimize healthy cellular function, immune system and wellbeing.

We support the body through conventional cancer therapies.

Data shows when naturopathic cancer supportive therapies are integrated with conventional cancer therapies, the results exceed conventional therapy alone.




What is Holistique Supportive Cancer Care Therapy?

For over 20 years, we have specialized in providing supportive cancer care. We do not treat cancer with chemo and radiation as we are not oncologists; however, we are integrative cancer specialists, so we treat the whole person fighting cancer.

Addressing your individual physical, cellular, psychological, biochemical, nutritional, mental, and energetic health through personalized evaluation and therapies, is vital to long-term survival and optimum quality of life. We work with your oncologist to help you achieve the best outcome possible.

We support cancer patients with personalized care addressing the mind, body, and soul.

Learn more about the personalized supportive cancer care at Holistique below.

In 2010, Dr. Darvish earned a Fellowship in Adjunctive Cancer Therapies.

Due to state regulations, every patient with active cancer must be under the care of an oncologist when receiving supportive cancer therapies from our providers at Holistique.

Adjunctive Cancer Therapies