What We Do

Transforming lives from within™

Personalized Regenerative IVs and Injectables

Regenerative Prescription IV Therapy Personalized & Compounded for You

Prescribing, compounding & administering individualized IV therapy based on your particular cellular and health needs

Unique Certified Clean Room for compounding IV therapy

Using highest grade plant-derived non-synthetic raw nutrients without chemical fillers

Over 17 years experience in formulating, compounding and administering IV therapy safely

Over 100K IV therapies administered since 2006

IV Methylene blue, SOT, Peptides, Ozone, high dose NAD+, chelation therapy & more available by prescription from our Holistique physicians

Accepting outside physician referrals

For self-prescribing Signature IV’s, check out our IV Lounge Menu



Our patients deserve the highest grade, most effective, and most safely formulated, compounded and administered IV therapies possible.

We have compounded and administered approximately 100,000 IV's since 2006.

Our team is highly experienced and certified in multiple IV therapies including ozone, SOT, peptide, methylene blue, intravenous laser therapy, and many others.

If you are looking for our self-prescribing Signature IV Nutradrip formulas, check out our IV Lounge Menu.

We accept referrals from other prescribing physicians. Physicians, click link to download our “referring physician” form.

Learn more below about our specific IV therapies available by prescription only.

Personalized Regenerative IVs and Injectables