Acupuncture: Why not make it part of your monthly routine?

smiling man receiving acupuncture treatment on his earlobes

Men, this message is for you (and ladies if you are reading this, share this with the men in your life). Once a month, give acupuncture 45 minutes of your time. Why? Because a small commitment to acupuncture will produce a deep and impactful benefit for your health. Even if you do not have an active…

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Welcome New Holistique Staff!

Welcome New Holistique Staff! With excitement and in consistency with the comprehensive approach to health, Holistique expands to welcome two excellent doctors and acupuncturist, manual therapist, and a certified nutritionist.Naturopathic Physicians and Acupuncturist: Welcome to Dr. Ethan Rohde, Dr. Greg Robertson, and Dr. Erin Thorne to Holistique Medical Center. All three physicians are contracted with major insurance companies,…

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Men: 3 Steps to Boost Testosterone

At about age 35, testosterone in men begins to drop, a natural process known as andropause. Low T can lead to unhappiness which can precipitate a job loss or divorce. Besides andropause, other causes of low T include stress, unhealthy diet, lack of sleep, and anger and resentment. So let’s see how you can boost…

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