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Hyperbaric Oxygen & Ozone Therapies

Oxygenate Your Life!

The easiest, most penetrative & most effective oxygenation of cells is through hyperbaric oxygen, hydrogen peroxide, high dose IV Vitamin C & ozone therapies

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is pressurized oxygen that penetrates skin, nerves, muscle and bone

Ozone provides 3 atoms of oxygen in one molecule applied to quickly oxygenate blood & tissues

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) may be self-prescribed

Ozone therapy available by prescription only

What are Ozone & Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapies?

When tissues and cells lack oxygen, disease and infections potentially set in. Through pressurized hyperbaric oxygen therapy, IV hydrogen peroxide, high dose IV Vitamin C and ozone therapy, oxygen may be delivered to such oxygen-deprived tissues.

Ozone is a volatile gas consisting of 3 atoms of oxygen in one molecule. This potent oxygen molecule potentially oxygenates tissues and blood quickly. For over 100 years, ozone therapy has been used in Europe and continues to be studied and used in several conditions related to reduced tissue oxygen states.

Low oxygen states are present in chronic infections, heart disease, dementia, diabetes, liver concerns, cancer, hormone imbalance states, and injuries, for example.

Ozone may be delivered as injections in tissues, muscles, ligaments, joints, and skin. Delivery as rectal, vaginal, and bladder insufflation as well as sinus and ear application are also available.

Autohemotherapy, when the patient’s blood is ozonated and returned to the patient, provides one of the most common forms of therapeutic applications available.

Ozone therapy is not FDA-approved.

Hyperbaric Oxygen & Ozone Therapies