Stopping Urinary Leakage

“Ascend to the zenith of an existence which is never beclouded by the fears and forebodings of non-existence.” ~Abdul-Baha

Most of us ladies who have had the honor to birth a child are often left with the embarrassing problem of urinary leakage post-partum. A sneeze, a laugh, or even a short running activity can trigger the urine to leak because of weakened muscles in the area during childbirth. And no matter how many kegel exercises we do per our gynecologist recommendation, nothing improves as we continue to tolerate the problem, suffer, and at times, be very embarrassed. After birthing three beautiful girls, I too suffered from this problem until I found PRP, which corrected the problem with the first treatment.

Known as O-shot, V-shot, or PRP (platelet-rich plasma) therapy, this revolutionary treatment is showing great success with women suffering from urinary leakage or mild to moderate urinary incontinence. PRP uses your own platelets and growth factors found in your blood from a simple blood draw. The injection is relatively painless, safe, and takes only a few seconds. After 3-4 weeks, the body starts regrowing and regenerating tissue in the pelvic region, strengthening the musculature supporting urination. The results are at times amazing, giving relief to this chronic problem. The bonus is that often chronic pelvic pain, other female concerns, and skin conditions such as lichen sclerosis also improve.

Fear before, during, or after childbirth often plays a big role with the instigation of urinary incontinence, weakening the bladder and kidney energies. The kidney/bladder channels are associated with the expression of fear, according to Chinese Medicine. Urinary incontinence is an over-active expression of fear. Therefore, treating acupuncture points for strengthening the bladder and clearing the fear during PRP therapy to help us turn fear to courage is vital for achieving long-lasting results. At Holistique, we combine PRP injection therapy with Eastern medicine practices to restore balance in the bladder function and to gain optimal results of the mind, body, and spirit.

So ladies, you don’t have to suffer any more or resign to post-partum or menopausal concerns. Come in for a consult to discuss if PRP is right for you.

I have been performing regenerative injection therapies since 2003 and PRP specifically since 2012.

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