What is IV Drip Therapy?

We are sure you have been seeing a bunch of pictures online of your friends, celebrities, and influencers attached to IV lines and you must be wondering “Are they ok?” and or “What are they doing?”. If they are receiving IV drip therapy from a reputable clinic, then more-than-likely they are doing just fine. Better than fine, because they are receiving lots of different essential nutrients that can help them to maintain stamina, recover from endurance faster and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

IV drip therapy is the fastest and most direct way of getting vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes into your body. Yes, you can obtain all of these nutrients through your diet and over-the-counter supplements but this is if you are following a well-balanced diet and have a healthy gastrointestinal tract that ensures absorption of all of these nutrients. Keep in mind, that certain vitamins such as vitamin C and magnesium, if taken in high doses, can cause side effects such as an upset stomach, nausea, and diarrhea. When we give these nutrients intravenously (via an IV), we bypass the GI tract and the nutritional factors go directly to your bloodstream and you get all the benefits without the side effects. We administer these nutrients directly into your vein, allowing your body to utilize them immediately to support your immune system and detox pathways.

What makes Holistique IV Lounge different?

Our team of naturopathic physicians has formulated each IV and IM shot that we offer, and they are filled with an abundance of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, peptides, and electrolytes.  Because they are custom compounded in our USP (US pharmaceutical) sterile environment by our medical staff, we are able to add more nutrients in the IV bags than other IV facilities who do not compound their IV bags on site.  We pride ourselves on the ability to create your IV the day of your appointment, ensuring that your Intravenous IV bag has the freshest nutrients available to you, right when you need them the most.

Woman getting IV Drip Therapy

What to expect from IV Drip Therapy?

We developed and designed our state-of-the-art lounge with your safety and comfort in mind. On your first visit to Holistique IV lounge, you will have a quick visit with one of our naturopathic doctors who reviews your medical history and medications. They will ask a few questions and perform a short physical exam. If you haven’t already done so, you can take a look at our nutritional menu and select the IV or IM that is speaking your language. A physician will then custom compound your IV in our mixing room while you relax in one of our Zero-Gravity or massage chairs. When your nutritional drip is ready, one of our doctors will then administer your IV and you can kick back and relax for about 35 – 40 minutes. For your next visits, you do not have to see one of the physicians for a secondary medical history intake, but we do ask that you update us with any changes to your medications and medical history.  Guests describe our lounge as a zen-like oasis where they can comfortably drift away, we make it easy to relax and not worry about time. 

How to prepare for your IV Drip Therapy?

We specialize in group IV’s, so first, consider bringing a family member friend or co-worker with you. Staying well hydrated with food in your tummy will simply make it easier for your doctor to successfully connect your IV.  Also, please wear a shirt that exposes your forearm past your elbow or something easy to roll up without constricting your arm. If you are on a lunch hour and need to work then feel free to bring your laptop, or tablet as we offer free wifi. Otherwise, leave the rest to us, relax, kick back, take your shoes off and get a full body massage in one of our comfy leather massage chairs.

How often should I get IV Drip Therapy? 

We formulate our IV’s so that you can come in as frequently as you would like in one week.  Generally, we recommend that you come in once a week until you start feeling and looking great and then you can titrate down and come in bi-weekly or monthly as needed or wanted.

How to get started?

To get started with IV Drip Therapy, you can book your appointment online or call our concierge team at 425-451-0404.

Dr. Justin Newell is a licensed Naturopathic Physician in the State of Washington. He specializes in the treatment of men’s health, sports medicine, physical medicine, and IV therapy. Addressing the root cause in these specialty areas, help to optimize a person's physical, mental and emotional health.